About us

Eyelash extensions have been around for over a decade. It began with several companies starting just product lines for eyelash extensions, and would teach how to apply their products. As the lash industry gained in popularity, more companies started training and developing product lines. In 2008, a couple of revolutionary leaders in the eyelash community created Lashologist Council of America, including Ellie Malmin, where she taught safety standards and provided more information on the eye that lash artists were working on. Being a veteran in the beauty industry since 1977, knowledge and education has always been her passion, which is why she has taken the next step and co-founded the Eye and Lash Health Institute, as a place where lash artists can raise their practice as well as their profession through education. Written by a Board Certified Optometrist reviewed by Board Certified Dermatologist.

Our Mission

Is to provide education on eye anatomy, health, and conditions to improve lash and brow services. We want you and your clients to feel confident that health and safety is the upmost importance.


Eye and Lash Health Institute

Looking at the eyelash industry, it is one of the only professions left that does not teach professional in that industry to learn and become familiar with the area of the body they are working around. We need to be more educated on the eyes we are working on as well as the anatomy of the skin. By doing so, it not only elevates the profession as a whole, but also increases the customer confidence in those that have this education.